Welcome to the New International Bible Study Course
Rev. Eric R Towse

The New International Bible Study Course was written over a period of eleven years to meet the need for a versitile, comprehensive curriculum for use as a correspondence Bible training program in prisons. Its use then expanded to personal Bible study, home groups, Sunday School, new believers classes, etc. Originally available by mail, the program offered training in all books of the Bible from Genesis through II Kings in the Old Testament, and the Gospel of John through Revelation in the New. Now through the Internet, the Gospel of John is available free of charge for individual, groups, or church ministries. I trust that you will receive as much a blessing completing this course as I did writing it.

Questions and answers, verses and chapters, books and testaments are but words on a page without the presence of God's Holy Spirit. Pray for the guidance of the Spirit before you begin your study. You will understand it more clearly and retain more of what you learn. More importantly you will be changed by it.

The New International Bible Study Course is a verse-by-verse, fact-by-fact adventure through the Bible where the student learns to extract and compile facts through questions that have been designed to identify the truths that make the Word of God so valuable as a tool of faith. Although the questions are keyed around the New International Version®, any accurate translation of the Bible may be used. To obtain an answer key in .pdf format, please request it by E-mail. When doing so, please tell us about yourself, your church affiliation (if any) and how you plan to use the course.

Churches interested in establishing home Bible study groups led by church members may find this course a valuable tool. It is suggested that first, church members complete the course in a class let by their pastor. In doing so, each student will develop an answer key complete with annotations from discussions and teachings in the class. This should take approximately 21 weeks allowing one week per chapter. Next, those who have completed the course may, under the direction and guidance of the pastor, invite 1 or 2 friends or couples into their home for Bible study utilizing the John course. Home groups affiliated with a church should, of course, be supervised by occasional visits from senior ministry. Upon completion, the guests should be ready to make a committment to the Lord if unsaved, and accept and invitation to visit the host church. The Gospel of John is a powerful witnessing tool. Coupled with the leading of the Holy Spirit, such groups should bear much fruit.

Graduates of the John course should be motivated to share their faith. If so called, some can be helpful in participating in a correspondence Bible program for prison inmates. Prisoners should be sent a welcome letter from the church along with John chapers 1 and 2. Once returned and corrected by the prison ministry staff, chapters 1 and 2 are returned along with 3 and 4. I strongly caution against sending more than two chapters at a time as some students can overwhelm themselves with good intentions. (Don't we do that, too?) Prison ministry is rewarding but there are some caveats that must be observed. Best to consult with a national prison ministry or experienced local group before beginning.

Using the Bible and the New International Bible Study Course has been used by God to help teach the English language to students whose native language is not English or whose education is limited. The student learns English while studying the Bible. Results have been miraculous.

Churches that require some formal instruction before baptism or being admitted to membership may find the Gospel of John an excellent source of Christian teaching where the major tenets of the Christian faith may be presented and discussed.

Please let us know how you are using the course. May God bless you and your ministry as you learn more of Him through the Word of God.

In His service,
Rev. Eric R Towse
E-mail: eric@spiritsbreath.org